Minisinaakwaang Leadership Academy 

"Ogichidaa/Ogichidaakwe Bimadiziwin"

"Building our future leaders"

Academic Excellence- Students will meet the highest district and state standards through a learning journey that is academically rich and rigorous.

Clear Expectations-  Students will understand and be able to share what is expected 

of them on everything associated with Minisinaakwaang Leadership Academy including

curriculum and behavior.

Respectful and Cultural Environment-  The learning environment will be safe, nurturing, and equitable for our diverse learners.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Minisinaakwaang Leadership Academy is to prepare today's youth with leadership skills and academic excellence to meet tomorrow's challenges in a cultural based environment and community.

  • ​ Guarantee the future of the Anishinaabe culture knowledge, values, and history  to sustain and empower our Elders, families, and youth.

  •  Ensure and encourage academic competence, positive leadership skills, and  social self-sufficiency.

  •  Instill a love of learning and respect for other cultures.

  •  Collaborate with tribal schools throughout Indian country to promote knowledge  and respect for Indigenous worldviews.

  •  Be a focal point for the Minisinaakaang village and the larger communities to  meet the ever-changing educational and social needs with new methodologies  and innovative technology opportunities to enrich our learning experiences and  opportunities.  

Vision Statement

Graduates of the Minisinaakwaang Leadership Academy will attend any post-secondary  educational institute they set their minds to. Graduates will improve their quality of life politically and the communities they live and work in, using their leadership, achievement, and cultural values. Graduates will be fluent speakers of the Ojibwe language.

Minisinaakaang will be national exemplary school renown for the quality of its program student achievement.

Seven Traditional Ojibwe Values/Teachings

Love, Humility, Respect, Bravery, Honesty, Truth, Wisdom


Our school is founded on leadership principles; hence the traditional value system of the Anishinabe 7 Teachings is a natural fit for student, staff, and families. The 7 Grandfathers can be addressed in all aspects in and out of school and across all academic disciplines. Each classroom will implement an expectation plan using the Mishomis Teaching as a guide.

May Events

Closed Memorial Day 

May 24 & May 27

May 29th 

 School Board Meeting


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