About IQS

Innovative Quality Schools (IQS) 


IQS Vision


The Vision of Innovative Quality Schools is "... achieve success for all learners by supporting schools engaged in educational innovation..."


IQS Mission


The sole Mission of Innovative Quality is to "...authorize charter schools that are innovative and successful in preparing students to achieve their full potential..."


IQS Values


Focus on Innovation: take risks to try creative new things, challenge old processes, and continuously adapt.


Avoid Insularity: Learn from, and be sensitive to, ideas and proposals that challenge our comfort zones.


Commit to Collaboration: Be interdependent, have and open flow of ideas, listen to others and value differences.


Embrace Diversity: Seek diversity in Board membership and sponsored schools.


Instill Clarity and Transparency: Follow fair and rigorous procedures resulting in the authorization of high

quality schools focused on innovation and student achievement.


Transform for Educational Excellence: Work to ensure human and financial resources are available to carry out our authorizing responsibilities at the highest level of excellence.

May Events

Closed Memorial Day 

May 24 & May 27

May 29th 

 School Board Meeting


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